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    Terria Fontaine, a Chicago based hair and makeup artist has come full circle.

    As a teen, she was always drawn to the images of beauty and fashion. She would spend hours after school reinventing her look to an audience of her three sisters because she was not allowed out of the house wearing the bold looks she created with hair and makeup.

    Having a traditional family background, formal education was a must so Terria set out on that path by successfully earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Masters of Science in Advertising. She believes this path was divinely appointed in that she was exposed to the wonderful world of advertising and landed jobs at several prestigious ad agencies in both Chicago and New York. This allowed her to be close to her true passion, the art of hair and makeup. While on the set she could often be found in the hair and makeup room versus with the other ad executives.

    Terria's career in advertising developed her keen eye for trend looks and how to translate them into everyday life suitable for commercial hair and makeup. Additionally, she developed a solid business etiquette. When combined, these skills has afforded her the opportunity to jump headfirst into a freelance hair and makeup artist career with the same freshness and passion she has demonstrated in other pursuits.



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